Testimonial – Anxiety

For a long time I have had anxiety around talking/ performing to people in a group and it has held me back in many ways in terms of socialising and job opportunities.  I have thought about hypnosis before but I was a bit skeptical and I wanted to make sure I was seen by somebody I could trust.

I met Kat through a friend and she mentioned that she was trained hypnotist.  I took the opportunity to try it.

Before the session I talked through some of my past experiences with Kat and she was able to pin point certain events that may have contributed to my anxieties.  Kat was very approachable and I felt completely at ease talking to her.  I felt like she understood me and was empathic and understanding the whole way through. Kat was very in tune with me and used visualization techniques as well as recordings of sounds to relax me.

Anonymous, social anxiety

After the session I did feel a lot more confident in myself in general. I got a new job within weeks and have since organised group events. Although I still feel some nerves, which is natural for everyone,

I certainly haven't let the nerves get the better of me! I'm in the process of organising my 40th birthday party. I am planning on singing in front of the guests! I would highly recommend giving hypnosis a go. It may surprise you.” -Victoria

Victoria, hypnosis helps
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